November 30, 2023

Let’s go ahead and throw away those preconceived notions about reboots and sequels because that isn’t the topic of this conversation. Instead, we’ll talk about how “The Amazing Spider Man 2” is a solid continuation in a valuable franchise that executes an exciting endgame worthy of future wonderment.
“The Amazing Spider-Man,” from 2012, set the stage for a series void of an emotionless Tobey Maguire, careless plot lines, and just about everything that makes the playful web-slinging superhero from being a guy you wouldn’t call unless you desperately needed to fix a leak in your roof. This next installment develops a denser plot to the entire series’ story arc while maintaining a better connection with the graphic novel counterpart.
Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), also identified as Spider-Man, finds himself getting closer to being just as comfortable in his actual skin as his spandex outfit. He’s locked into a questionable relationship with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), whose father, Spidey promised, he would stay away from, and caught between protecting a community that can’t decide whether or not he’s helping or hurting, and a mystery regarding his entire past.
Meanwhile, Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx), an under-appreciated engineer at OsCorp, gets into an accident that enables him capable of manipulating extreme amounts of electricity. Harry Osbourne (Dale Dehaan) is simultaneously returning home after the death of his father and assuming controlling interest of OsCorp. Harry, an old friend of Peter who was especially caring during the disappearance of his parents, finds out he’s dying and figures the one thing he needs is the altered blood of Spider-Man, so he tries to enlist the help of Peter in acquiring it. Peter becomes tangled in his own web of mystery and confusion, and while the spotlight is off, becomes vulnerable to the darkness.
Not only is “The Amazing Spider Man 2” a visual splendor, it also expands the likeness to the original work its depicting. The action sequences, especially the final fight, slow down at certain points to eventual freeze frames that culminate in CGI perfection and look as if they’re pulled right from the pages. While the characters are obviously one-dimensional and a little bit hard to care about, they simply play the roles they’re supposed to play, literally and figuratively. Their moves are a bit predictable but that doesn’t detract from the progression of the story line or limit the eventual outcome.
The overall tone of the film emotionally fluctuates, mixing lighthearted waggishness with ominous tones that give it the darker representation that those familiar with the original would be expecting. It also goes a lot deeper into the backstory of Peter’s father and his involvement with OsCorp that led to his disappearance, and uncovers more of the world that will undoubtedly keep expanding.
If anything, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is a brief example of the entertainment to come. It sets up even more to be amazed by in the next films and is a quality experience that just keeps getting better.

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