September 25, 2023

Team Timehop believes that: “content gains value with time,” “‘past’ hasn’t been done right,” and “they’re the team to change that.” That is why they have created the app Timehop.
Timehop is a time capsule for you. The app shows you what you posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, or Dropbox one or more years ago. It sends you a notification when it finds a post, and it is also connected to your camera roll, so it shows which pictures you took or saved a year ago. It is like a Throw Back Thursday every day.
The app is very well designed, with a shiny user interface. It also has a cute dinosaur character that has a different quote every day. Furthermore, it has a feature with general news from a couple of years ago, such as when a certain song was released, or another interesting fact.
I have been using this app for almost three weeks now, and I am so surprised every time when I see a picture or a post from a year ago. I know it sounds cliché, but it really does make me realize how time flies and how you have to make the best of every moment.
For more information on the app and Team Timehop, visit

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