February 3, 2023

“I love it. I wasn’t gonna be Greek at all, but some of my pals asked me to do it, and I haven’t looked back.” – Kiah Murray, ’15
“I talked to a guy the other day, and I think he was trying to recruit me, and it seemed like it was really competitive. I feel like it’s a lot of partying, and I’m not really into that. So that kind of turns me off, personally.” – Sam Gress, ’18
“I feel that it is a little weird, and it seems like a bunch of dudes creating fake friendships.” – George Hausér, ’18
“I just joined, and I love it.” – Victoria Robertson, ’17
“I think it’s a great way to get involved on campus and make connections, but don’t take it too seriously.” – Bryan Hoggatt, ’17
“It’s amazing, and everyone should go Greek. It has something to offer everybody. Snaps for Greek life.” – Meghan Vodopich, ’15
“It’s like ‘Animal House,’ but we help the community.” – Paul Mahon, ’15

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