November 30, 2023

“I have three brackets. I’m tired of the whole Kentucky crap. I kind of want Wisconsin to win.” — Nelson Laracuente, ’15
“I don’t follow it at all, thanks to senior year and Dr. Dudek.” — Garrhett Via, ’15
“Since Ohio State was crummy this year, I don’t really care.” — Dr. Inboden, professor of English
“Oh, I don’t sport.” — Zoe Irving, ’16
“I have a bracket. I have Kentucky winning. There’s nothing strategic about it, I just picked the places I would most want to live.” — Veronica Vargo, ’16
“I’m from Dayton, Ohio, so I honestly believe UD’s going to win this year. And after we took down Boise State 56-55, I think we’re in prime position to run the table; that’ll teach the NCAA to let us have our play-in game at home.” — Zachary Moore, ’16

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