December 8, 2022

Wittenberg seniors gathered in Founders on the night of Feb. 4 for an event celebrating the beginning of the end: 100 Days ‘Til Graduation.
“100 Days is a celebration of how far we have come, and how little we have left to go,” said Kelly Chamlis, class of 2016 cabinet member.
The 2016 class cabinet put on the event, held in Founders, and almost 200 senior class members and faculty members were in attendance.
“It made the daunting realization of how close we are to graduating a celebration and a fun experience,” senior Ryan Mumma said. “Or in simpler words: It made the fear of graduation into something more exciting and hopeful.”
Not only was the event about the dwindling amount of days before commencement, but it was also about inclusion, according to Elizabeth Arentz, class of 2016 cabinet member.
“The seniors came together as one – involvements aside – to celebrate each other and our four years here at Wittenberg,” said Kayla Villegas, president of the class of 2016. “That’s what I call family.”
In addition to live music performed by seniors Trevor Villegas and Andrew Pantaleano, and Sean Obershlake acting as DJ, free snacks and drinks (for those over the age of 21) were also provided.
The event also included the selection of certain faculty to be named honorary class members, and the announcement of the winners of senior superlatives — a new addition to this year’s event.
In order for 2016 class members to nominate for senior superlatives and honorary class members, an email was sent out to the senior class prior to the event. The nominees were then voted on by those in attendance at the event.
“This year, we thought we’d get the class more involved and had students nominate one another for senior superlatives – funny awards like ‘Most Eligible Bachelor and ‘Most likely to be on Tinder,’” Villegas said.
A few of the senior superlative winners include Matt Briskey for “CEO of Tomorrow” award, Callan Swaim and Haley Mucha for the “Dynamic Duo” award, and Hannah Hunt for the “Van Gogh” award. Winners of the superlatives received either a sash or a rose.
The five faculty members named as honorary class members included Tim Bode, Wendy Gradwohl, Sheryl Cunninghan, Brian Yontz and Linda Beals; these faculty members were chosen by students of the class of 2016 to sit with the senior class during commencement on May 14, 2016.
Senior class members in attendance also voted on class song, motto, color and flower.
The winners of these categories included “Come on Eileen” for class song, “Take pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go” for class motto, red for class color and the sunflower for class flower.

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