July 12, 2024

brianBrian Richardson, previous area coordinator of Myers, Firestine and the campus ministries house and assistant director of multicultural affairs and club sports, departed from Wittenberg on April 8 to pursue his dream to create change for people, as well as in society.
“The opportunity that I have now helps me to get a more relative experience to get to the position I wish to attain,” Richardson said. “If not for my area coordinator position at Wittenberg, my experience would not have been as good as it had been.”
Richardson took the area coordinator position at Wittenberg in June of 2013. Richardson stated, “It was a great experience. It was where I grew up as a young professional. It gave me an opportunity.”
With the opportunity, on Richardson created the M2S2 (Minority Men Striving to Succeed) program and the Shades of Pearls; he had assistance creating the latter group from his wife  Kyra, and NaQuaina Moore, who worked for the Center for Student Success. These groups were created to target minority men and women on campus and help them feel more comfortable with being minorities, as well as creating achievable goals in life.
“He guided me through the M2S2 program,” freshman Chris Riviere said. “We spoke about how to become a better man. He gave me resources to go to when I have an issue concerning anything.”
Junior Trivon Coles said, “I would say that he and the program helped me to realize that I need to make the most out of the opportunity that I have to receive a higher education.”
John Young, associate dean for multicultural student programs and the Womyn’s Center, was the one who worked with Richardson on a frequent basis in regard to multicultural and campus community issues.
“He approached his work in a manner where students recognized his genuine concern for their growth and success,” Young stated.
In addition to the Wittenberg community, he impacted the Springfield community by implementing the Mentorship Program at Perrin Woods Elementary, where Richardson and volunteering students introduced life lessons through games and group discussions to the community kids.
Mark DeVilbiss, associate dean for residence life, interacted with Richardson on a daily basis in regards to residential life, and was able to see hands on the passion Richardson carried for students, as well as people.
“He had passion for developing young people and helping them figure out their own direction and aspirational goals,” DeVilbiss said.
Senior Isaac Cason, CBS president and once an RA under Richardson, said, “I met Brian as an RA, and he was a mentor, advisor, boss and friend. He would always make time for students in need, even if he was busy . . . honestly, when I find a career, I hope to be as passionate and as helpful as him.”
To continue his dream of making change in the lives of students, Richardson took a job at Indiana University, where he is now assistant director of Diversity and Inclusion in the School of Public Health. In this position, “I am helping with recruiting students and implementing programs in regards to student diversity issues,” Richardson said.
Richardson said he wants to become chief diversity officer for a school, as well as help to implement change in society.

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