September 25, 2023

Welcome (or welcome back!) to Witt, Tigers.
The 2016-17 school year is looking to be an eventful one. As every year, the Torch staff will work hard to bring you unbiased news, insightful features, passionate opinions, creative reviews and the latest sports coverage. Look forward to stories covering colloquia, sports events, senior events, family weekend, concerts, plays and many more staples of the Wittenberg experience.
This year is also promising in special events. Look for coverage of the 2016 presidential election, in addition to Wittenberg’s own presidential search, among other up and coming events, including Student Senate’s opening ceremony to Wittenberg’s new Compass in the library, W-Day (be on the lookout for the Myers Bell…W-Day is soon upon us!) and other events Senate is planning. The Torch will also be covering reactions to the athletic facility, the new dining services and other additions to Wittenberg as they come.
The Torch staff will work hard to keep you up-to-date on breaking news as it occurs, so follow the Torch’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, in addition to reading both print and online publications.
On a personal level, it is an honor to be this year’s editor-in-chief. I’ve been with the Torch since its first issue my freshman year, and I’ve seen a lot of growth both on this staff and in campus as a whole. I’m very excited for us to share the news with you and to be an asset to you in any way we can. Please contact the Torch with any stimulating ideas/events as they occur, or if you want to get involved.
Have a great year, Wittenberg!

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