February 8, 2023

Everything good comes in threes, well, at least in this case.
The Breathing Series is a trilogy about overcoming your worst nightmares, becoming something great and even realizing that maybe the greatest thing to happen to you has been right under your nose all along, but you never really noticed.
Like every good teen book, this book is a combination of romance, high school drama and the struggle of a relationship at home.
Starting with “Reason to Breathe,” high school senior Emma Thomas is just starting to make a new life for herself. After being forced to live with a mentally and physically abusive aunt after her father passed away and her mother got caught up in drugs, Emma has been waiting for her time with her aunt to be over. She is the star player on her soccer team and is hoping for a scholarship so she can escape her abusive aunt once and for all. Emma is good at remaining invisible to everyone, and that’s how she likes it.
Then along comes Evan. Evan was just another ordinary boy at their high school, a good student and a basketball star. He looks at Emma in a way that no one else ever has. Evan and Sarah, Emma’s best friend, notice things are starting to get worse with Emma, and that’s when they see the bruises for the first time.
Throughout the trilogy, Emma rises to the very top and crashes down below rock bottom. The series is an emotional rollercoaster that will make you yearn for more. It’ll make you love; it’ll make you hate. It’ll put you in a world that seems so real it’ll make you crave more.
This is a great book series that anyone would enjoy. It’s hard to feel like you’re reading when the book is just that good.

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