May 30, 2023

As the weather gets warmer, one thing you can always count on in Ohio is seeing shorts, flip flops and crop tops way before they should be worn. But can you blame us? If the weather even approaches 45 degrees, there is an unspoken rule that Ohioans will break out the sandals while Californians are wearing their down coats and gloves, dreading the outdoors.
But what happens when the sudden temperature drops stop and we are forced to retire our winter wardrobes? The transition from winter to spring comes around every year, but somehow it always sneaks up on us. Here are some styles I expect to see in everyone’s closet this year:
1. Botanical and floral prints. It is no surprise that spring fashion always saves room for floral prints, with spring showers, flowers and all. But expect these floral patterns to be abundant this year, especially with the continuation of ‘70s styles that are perpetuating the stores.
2. Speaking of ‘70s styles, high-waisted shorts and jeans won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. And to be honest, I’m not mad about it. I’m sure I’m not the only one that is happy that the times of low-waisted Abercrombie jeans with half inch zippers are past us. You know the pants that were so tight they looked airbrushed on? Yikes. And while we’re at it, girls, let’s keep the shorts looking like shorts, not denim underwear.
3. For more formal occasions to spice up internships, don’t be afraid to try out the more bold, sculptural designs. Neutral colors can be expected to be paired with masculine business styles. Whether it is a button down with open shoulders or fitted business shirts with ruffles and a blazer, women can expect to embrace what traditional styles men wear with our feminine twists.
4. For those looking to spice up their weekend wardrobe, we can expect to see some continuing trends of lace, black, leather and chokers this summer. Black rompers, bodysuits and dresses are always a classy go to, especially in the transition of daily life to night life. To make your outfit more evening friendly, try adding a leather jacket to your black dress or a choker necklace of your choice.
5. Also, if black isn’t your color, try gray, white or even denim. Don’t be afraid to mix and match tones. With the right accessories, you can always get away with expressing yourself even if it isn’t “in style.” Sometimes, you’re the trend follower and sometimes you’re the trend setter.
6. My last prediction is regarding shoes, the binge of every female. No, we can never have enough. Whether it’s a pair of the so popular Adidas or the classic Converse, there is another trend bound to continue this spring: sandals. Fringe, excessive straps and cutouts of all shapes and sizes will populate sandals this spring, with something to offer everyone.

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