July 18, 2024

Unfortunately, injuries are far too common in sports and in football. According to junior Adam Acquista, you can either get better or get bitter when adversity hits, so he chose to get better so he could earn the starting job as kicker for the Wittenberg University Football Team.
After spending the offseason training and working hard, Acquista entered his sophomore training camp ready to play. He was currently starting at cornerback for the Tigers defense and was battling for the starting position at kicker when he felt something wrong with his right knee. He tried to play through the pain until it became unbearable and had to get it examined by the athletic trainers. He learned that he had torn most of his meniscus and would be out for the entire season.
“Last season was really challenging for me,” Acquista said. “I was watching my teammates on the field playing and winning games, while I was doing rehab and hoping that I would be able to play like myself again.”
The injury is now a thing of the past for Acquista after spending countless hours focusing on his return. His kicking is better than ever, earning the nickname “Golden Toe” amongst teammates and coaches. Acquista went two-for-two in extra points and field goals in the teams season opener Sept. 2 against Westminster College.
Acquista began playing football in the sixth grade after he grew bored of playing soccer. He was drawn to the sport because he always enjoyed watching it on TV; the speed and physicality were intriguing to him. After competing for a high school program that was strong and rich in tradition, he knew he wanted to play in college for a program that was similar to his.
Continuing his athletic and academic career at Wittenberg had always been a thought in the back of his mind because his long time friend, neighbor and role model Evan Killilea, was a team captain for the 2014 season.
After watching a few games, Acquista knew he could call this place home.
“I always loved coming to watch Wittenberg games because I knew someday I wanted to play on Saturdays,” Acquista said. “The environment reminded me a lot of my high school, so I knew I would fit in well here.”
Balancing academics and athletics can be difficult for most student athletes, but Acquista admits that he doesn’t struggle with this problem too often because he knows what’s important to him and has his priorities in order.
After college, he plans on joining the Marine Corps as an officer and is currently a candidate for an officer training program next summer.
Acquista is an all-around great athlete and student. He has earned his spot on the football team and hopes to lead the league in field goal percentage and carry on the legacy for kickers at Wittenberg. Come out to Edwards-Maurer Field on Sept. 16 to watch Acquista and the rest of Wittenberg’s Football Team take on Oberlin College at 3:30 p.m.

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