December 7, 2023

Kathlein Lebo’s, ’20, team won Union Board’s Foolish Fashion Show in Geil Lounge Friday.

Jamie Unternaher, ’22, ran with the idea for the fashion show after finding out about previous program ideas from Union Board. The purpose of the event was to get students out, have some fun and be creative.

The event was set up for there to be three teams. Each team was given a box with a small piece of paper with a pun on it, which inspired the teams to create outfits to match their pun. The groups then showcased their attire on a catwalk for judges Nick Weissman, ’21; Blake Atwell, ’21, and Riley Hoppius, ’21.

For the first round, the teams were asked when they were done, but for the second round, the teams were given a time limit of 20 minutes to create their designs.

The event ended up going for two rounds after the three judges had created a three-way tie on the first round, tying with 27 points each.

During the second round, Lebo’s team won with 29 points; followed by Angela Gialanella, ’21, with 28 points and Logan Kirby, ’19, with 23 points.

“It feels like I’m top of the world [to win]—I would like to allot the winning with my teammates… were very supportive,” Lebo said.

Lebo said she had a lot of fun during the fashion show and loves how her Kappa Delta sisters make her feel so confident and loved for the event.

Megan Mong, ’19, was on Lebo’s winning team. Mong showcased “sweat” pants—sweatpants with mini deodorants velcroed to them.

Lebo dressed in “bell” bottom jeans for the second round. She didn’t wear the jeans on her legs though— instead she tied them around her shoulders to show off the golden bells that jingled during her catwalk.

“The inspiration was behind the pun in our box,” Mong said.

Gialanella represented her team of four because she was the only one who fit in the clothing pieces. The first round she wore a “cotton” dress, which was covered in cotton balls on the neckline and bottom edge of the dress. In the second round, she wore an “eye-catching” dress—a dress with googley eyes glued to it.

Kirby, Lauren Geraci, ’20, and their Union Board team of four created a “tea” shirt with tea bags attached to a t-shirt. On the back of the shirt the team had made the tea bags spell out UB. For the second round, Kirby dressed in a “straw” hat, where he had colorful straws sticking through a straw hat.

According to Unternaher, Union Board has other events for students coming up such as: Sibs weekend, speed dating and Build-a-Tiger.

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