November 30, 2023

*This article contains spoilers for “The Umbrella Academy.”*

“The Umbrella Academy” has been streamed over and over on Netflix, making it grow into an overnight success. However, some people had doubts about this heroic television show. It is not part of the Marvel or DC universe, it was actually created by Gerard Way the lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance. The show began streaming on Feb. 15. 

the This show is about an eccentric millionaire named Sir Reginald Hargreeves who adopted seven out of 43 children who were mysteriously born on the same day. Over the years of the seven children’s lives, Hargreeves raised them to become crime-fighting heroes. The children were kept in isolation and could never live a normal life. Hargreeves decided to name them in chronological order starting with Number 1, ending with Number 7.  

This show has made a huge impact on today’s society because there are characters who are not always happy or straight and are misconceived.  

Klaus, Number 4, is considered a gay character. It is a monumental step in television because most of the characters are straight. The character has made a positive impact outside of the show as he has been accepted and loved for who he is. 

Vanya, Number 7, struggles with anxiety and is not really known to be social. In the show she can be seen taking anxiety pills. She has shown that it is okay to not be okay. She is still a superhero even though she is dealing with a huge struggle of her life.  

Number 5 (not kidding that’s his actual name), is a 50-year-old trapped in a 12-year-old’s body. He can time travel, but that isn’t the shocking part. The part that is most interesting to me is the fact that he knows so much for a little kid. Kids seem to be underestimated when it comes to knowledge. 

Now that you know how this show has helped people all around the world, give it a chance and watch it.  

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