September 23, 2023

Dear Wittenberg Senior Class,

Have you been feeling as though you are missing something these past three years? A piece of your Wittenberg experience is missing and you need to complete the puzzle before you graduate? Well, I think I know what you are missing. It’s an Irish pub that is located behind the infamous 630 house that was abruptly taken from us.

Sometimes referred to as Paddy’s other times referred to as McMurray’s, but most commonly known for their outrageously yummy Liquid Satans. There is a phrase that we have jokingly passed around, “bring back Mc’s.” But I think it is time to actually follow through with the popular expression and bring back the Disneyland of Wittenberg’s campus. Now the hard part, how on earth do we bring back something that changed its amazing ways and lost the infamous vibe? There is nothing worse than going back to something so beloved and it just not being the same. It’s going to be slow, but it is going to be worth it. 

Does anyone remember waiting in the long line outside, under the cool moonlight, excitement growing as you get closer to the front? Well, we do. Do you also remember the upstairs bar, the raging music, the dancing, the vibe of it all? We remember jumping up and down singing “I want to go all night longer,” and thinking to ourselves, “this is college.” We need to bring this back. The generations after us hear Mcmurray’s and it is a mysterious legend, much like some of the food from the CDR. So seniors, the generations after us deserve better, they deserve the same kind of Wittenberg experience that we all had, they deserve more. 

Buckle up: here’s the plan. First and foremost, to the owner of McMurray’s, expect a phone call from us soon to discuss the plan. We will be executing a plan of attack that involves bringing back Wednesday Karaoke night, fish bowls and a discounted Liquid Satan. We understand you (McMurrays) have been struggling and we are here to help, just follow our plan and you will be back in business in no time. Our bank accounts can not do multiple $8 liquid satans even though they taste like a dream and we wish we could. Second, boys and girls, we are asking for you to bear with us and come when we call. We have a dream and we are dreaming big. Let’s band together and pass our light of McMurray’s on to those who never had the chance to experience it. 

This campus community can do great things when we come together for a great cause, so grab the hand of the person next to you and a White Claw in the other. Let’s band together and get it done. We can do anything when we put our minds to it, and Wittenberg, I know we are all passionate about our drinking locations. Don’t get us wrong, Station One has provided an amazing experience without fail, every night. But, you have to admit, there is something missing. Some of you may have not been able to pinpoint what that was, don’t worry we have pinpointed it for you and are here to help. We can’t do it without you guys, so let’s get together and get it done! 

Help us bring back McMurray’s.


Your Dirty Blondes

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