November 30, 2023

Your fall semester usually starts strong with new school books, a nice looking room and a driven passion to kill the semester with your looks, grades and attitude. But reality will soon come crashing into the mix. Your classes are insane, you’re suddenly getting pale, and the weather is not ideal. Fall semester does not give you much to look forward too; yes, the leaves are changing but that actually means they are dying. However, there is one weekend. One amazing weekend that you are “feelin’ like a million bucks” (Danny, how you feel? Thank you Tik Tok). 

This weekend is Homecoming, and no freshman, you do not need to go buy a dress, save that for Late Nite CDR. However, you might want to go get a fresh haircut, get your nails done or fellas go grab a new shirt. You want to impress the alumni with your looks, attitude and success (the Witt way). Homecoming weekend comes with endless laughter, smiles and joy that fills Bill Edwards Drive during an amazing tailgate and follows us all the way to Station for a rowdy evening. Pack your $5 because its a cover charge night, but you won’t want to miss it! You thought Witt is crazy wild now? Guess who we learned our ways from, that’s right, the Alums. 

So here is how you are going to survive the wild weekend. First, do your homework before. No, you will not have any time to do any of it so do not count on it. Expect to spend Sunday in the darkness of Sunday Scaries and post Homecoming depression. Second, prepare your outfits. It is highly encouraged to be fit and flirty but also cute and trendy. You’ll need several, you to fellas. You will sweat during the day and dance all night, so bring your A-game. Third, get a good night’s sleep on Thursday because I can promise you won’t be doing much of that until Sunday evening. Fourth, practice your Ice chugging. It is advised to get some good practice in before venturing into the abyss of Station. Do not embarrass us, we have standards. Fifth, be prepared to have fun. Going into homecoming you can not have any expectations. Go with the flow and hang out with your friends. It’s a fun time to meet and network, but also get closer to your friends now. Take time to admire some of the friendships you are about to see because those all started here and could be you someday. 

So you’re probably thinking, am I preparing for war or a weekend with alums? The answer is both. Homecoming is amazing because you meet, bond with, and get to see the best people return to Ohio’s version of Disneyland. You bond over the greatest memories, best traditions, and a couple of brewskies. If you are a freshman and have not had the opportunity to meet any of the alumni, here is your once in a lifetime chance. Take us up on the offer, we all know that Witt harbors the most amazing college students, all of these people were once a Witt student. They are the people who made it the greatest home away from home, so grab your best attitude and head out into the wild on Saturday to learn more about Witt, more about the culture, and to create an immense network that you may call upon someday. Everyone who will return on Saturday is successful, driven and inspiring. So, do not miss your chance to experience Witt in a greater aspect. 

See you all Saturday, 

Your Dirty Blondes

P.S. Yes, we will be signing autographs.

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