June 13, 2024

Ethan Libby ’25 is from Loveland, OH and attended Loveland High School.

Bailee Lyons: How long have you played?

Ethan Libby: I started playing tennis when I was 3 years old. I have been playing for 18 years now.

BL: What got you started into playing?

EL: My dad played tennis in college and taught me when I was younger

BL: What is your major?

EL: I’m a double major: Psychology and Chemistry.

BL: Are there any challenges with your majors that may interfere with your sport?

EL: The workload can get tough at times with homework, practice, lift, classes, and a social life. I have to be aware of how I spend my time.

BL: What are you involved in outside of sports?

EL: I’m the president of Best Buddies at Witt, an RA, and a member of the Psi Chi honors society

BL: Who would you say is the team’s biggest rival?

EL: Right now, it’s probably Ohio Wesleyan.

BL: What’s your favorite part of Witt?

EL: I like the fact that I can walk to class and reliably see a few friends every day during that walk.

BL: What is your main goal as a player during your career at Witt?

EL: I want to grow the team and leave it with a good culture and a base to get better in the future.

BL: What is the biggest piece of advice a coach has given you?

EL: The best thing that you can do is go back to the basics.

BL: If you did not play your sport, what would you play instead?

EL: I’d probably just lift at this point and see what I could do. But I used to play soccer, so if I had to pick a sport I’d probably go back to that.

BL: What is your pregame ritual?

EL: We have a pretty set routine, so I just try to relax during that and find a rhythm.

BL: What is your pregame song?

EL: “Panalo” by EZ Mil.

BL: What is your pregame meal?

EL: Usually just whatever I have in my room or at CDR depending on when we play.

BL: What’s your favorite part of practice?

EL: I like when we do match play.

BL: What is your favorite building on campus?

EL: I spend so much time in the science building, so probably there.

BL: If you had one word to describe your team, what would it be?

EL: Young!

BL: What’s your plan after graduation?

EL: My plan after graduation is to apply to medical school and pursue a degree in medicine, specifically psychiatry

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