June 13, 2024

Bailee Lyons: How long have you played?  

Zoe Chirumbolo McKee: I played soccer my whole life up until sophomore year of high school, where I switched to lacrosse.  

BL: What got you started into playing lacrosse?  

ZCM: My friends!

BL: What is your major?  

ZCM: Biology.  

BL: Are there any challenges with your major that may interfere with your sport?  

ZCM: Sometimes, labs can interfere with some practices here and there, but nothing too challenging.  

BL: What are you involved in outside of sports?  

ZCM: I work a lot with the biology department.  

BL: Who would you say is the team’s biggest rival?  

ZCM: Denison and OWU.  

BL: What’s your favorite part of Witt?  

ZCM: The people and the environment.  

BL: What is your main goal as a player during your career at Witt?  

ZCM: To have helped my team succeed on and off the field and have done everything I could to help them reach their goals.  

BL: What is the biggest piece of advice a coach has given you?  

ZCM: Have the mind of a goldfish, or the next play mindset.

BL: If you did not play lacrosse, what would you play instead?  

ZCM: Soccer! 

BL: What is your pregame ritual?  

ZCM: Licking the energy gummy on the side of the wall in the locker room.  

BL: What’s your pregame song?  

ZCM: “Glock in My Lap” by 21 Savage.  

BL: What is your pregame meal?  

ZCM: A chocolate premier protein shake.  

BL: What’s your favorite part of practice? 

ZCM: Cheering my teammates on and hyping them up.   

BL: If you had one word to describe your team, what would it be?  

Sussy or funny!

Zoe’s plan after graduation is to work at the Cincinnati Zoo with the Wings of Wonder team! Congratulations, Zoe!

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