June 13, 2024

On Jan. 24, y Wittenberg took the ice against Wheeling Jesuit University. Within the first period, the score was 4 to 1 in an aggressive match between the two teams. The Tigers continued to dominate on the ice against the Cardinals ending the game with a score of 11 to 2.
The crowd, including various members of Wittenberg’s board of directors, were in attendance to see the guys play an aggressive game againse Wheeling. The crowd stood to their feet and cheered goal after goal.
“It was freaking awesome, I had so much fun cheering on my team with my friends. Slamming on the glass is always a good time,” said student Moriah Eck.
Alex Beebe, number 11,contributed two goals during the game along with one assist. When asked how he thought the game went, he laughed and said: “It went pretty well, we made sure we put a good show on for the guys. We are a very aggressive team, its part of what helps us win.”
Beebe continued saying that the team’s success is due to their ability to work as a team: “We work well together good passing and shooting.” Kevin Degulis, number 27, scored two goals throughout the game and Edward Brady had two assists in the game. The goalie blocked several shots from Wheeling players, including Adam Mouski, making the game an overall success for Wittenberg.
The Wittenberg Ice hockey team has another game at home next weekend and hopes to see another crowd cheering them  to victory.

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