June 13, 2024

On April 1st, the Wittenberg women’s softball team made fools of the visiting Wooster squad. In the first conference match-up of the season the Tigers came out roaring dishing the Scots a relentless beat-down that ended both games of with extremely wide score margins in the fifth inning. The 11-1 and 10-2 final scores display the cunning prowess of the Tiger Softball team and set them up with high expectations as they delve into in-conference match ups over the rest of the season.
Senior Rachel Ross killed it from atop the mound raining hot fire down on the helpless Wooster batters. In the first game of the day, Ross had three strike outs, and along with the rest of the tigers out on the field defensively, held the Scots to a meager run in the 2nd inning. In the following game, Ross allowed for only six total hits over the course of another five innings.
Offensively, the Tigers displayed their incredible depth with an impressive number of the team contributing to the point-earning endeavor culminating in a massive eight run rack-up in the 3rd inning.  Senior Laura Rose batted two runners into home plate and made it all the way around the bags once herself. Sophomore Kaela  made it on base twice, both times that ended up with dashes across home plate and points on the board. Casey Hobbes, freshman, smashed out a massive home run in the second inning. Ross also had some big hits of her own at the plate. The pitcher spanked out a homer in one just one of her pivotal at-bats, most of which garnered huge hits.
The second game was just one-sided offensively as the Tiger batters proved themselves to be an inexorable force. Laura Rose managed to steal her 62nd career base, the most in Wittenberg’s program history. Hughes had another big game. Two of her hits allowed teammates to make it home, and she was able personally score twice. Sophomore Shannon Lance also had two runs, and was able to bat in one runner.
With the win, Wittenberg’s record improves to 12-2 on the season. The Tigers next look to travel to Ohio Wesleyan on Tuesday the eighth. The game was originally scheduled for the fifth but was postponed due to field conditions. The next home game is the following day, the ninth, when the Tigers host Kenyon for there third NCAC matchup.

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