April 15, 2024

Stu Haley is a senior pitcher for the Wittenberg Men’s Baseball Team. He is an English major and is working towards a business minor. The three-year letter winner helped lead the Tigers to three wins during their latest spring break trip in Winter Haven, Florida.
Reflecting on the spring break tournament, Haley said that most of the trip was baseball, but that was the point of going. On a day off, he got to go to Clearwater Beach with a few of his best friends.
Some of Haley’s hobbies include hanging out with his friends, being goofy and making people smile. Haley cited his friends as being some of the most important people to him, and he loves to be around them as much as he can.
What some people may not know about Haley is that his real name is Andrew Stuart Haley, and he just goes by “Stu.” This follows a family trend, as his two older sisters also go by their middle names. Some of the other nicknames he has been accredited with include “Stupac,” “Notorious S.T.U.” and “Ya Boi.” Stu also shared that he is a big fan of romantic movies, and he is not ashamed. He often finds himself flipping through the TV channels and stopping on Lifetime.
Haley said he has one hidden talent: he possess a great singing voice, one he called a “powerful mix between a young Marvin Gaye and Nate Dogg.”
Haley said he has had a lot of great experiences here at Wittenberg, and that every day is an experience for him. Since there have been so many good times, he could not just pick one. What he said about his experiences at Witt, though, is that they have taught him to keep his head up at all times.
For his plans after Wittenberg, Haley said he is currently interviewing with multiple companies for sales and management positions.

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