June 18, 2024

It has been just over a month since Wittenberg University along with Director of Athletics and Recreation Gary Williams announced the $30 million, 125-square foot renovation plans to take place at the Health and Physical Education Recreation Center.IndoorStadium
With the financial situation of the university in a constant state of concern, there has been constant chatter amongst the student body about whether this is a sound investment for the university at this point in time. In an interview with Williams, he said, “While some may feel the money that has been given to the university could be better spent in other places the reality is, it is not our money. It was given to the university for the sole purpose that a new athletic facility come of it.”
The additional work to be done to the HPER Center was described by Williams as an all encompassing project, making it so that people from all walks of life will be seen in the building. Although Wittenberg’s athletes make-up 66 percent out of the 1,700 students that attend. The new facility is not meant to be an “athletics-only” facility, and as for the monetary issues concerning the university budget, those come from an operational stand point and have no correlation with the new facility.ExteriorFaciilty
In its storied past Wittenberg has boasted countless NCAA tournament appearances to go along with conference championships and 454 All-Americans. The school is one of the last universities, not only in the conference but also in Ohio, to take on such a project. With what our facilities are lacking in aesthetic appeal our athletics teams make up for with production and victories without complaint. Not only will this project generate interest in athletics and the university as a whole, but it also provides opportunities to grow other departments down the road.AltheticFacility1

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