April 15, 2024

Q: Name/Age/Hometown?
A: Melsop, 21, Columbus, Ohio
Q: What sport do you play, and how many years have you been in it?
Track and field, and all four years of track
Q: Major?
Business management, and [a] minor in sport management
Q: How do you feel about it being your last year?
It is a bittersweet moment to be done with college, but there is always grad school.
Q: Who got you started in sports?
My dad got me into sports.
Q: What events do you do?
60m (indoor), 4×2 (indoor), 200m dash (indoor & out), long jump, triple jump, 100m and 4×1.
Q: What motivates you to excel in track?
Greatness! It is giving 110 percent all the time and breaking records, and letting everyone know who you are as person and as an athlete. As long as everyone thinks highly of you, that is greatness.
Q: What is your advice to upcoming student-athletes?
Manage your time; as an athlete, you don’t have as much time. So as long as you stay on top of everything, then you will be fine.
Q: How do you stay humble with standout performances?
You are only human; others maybe faster or better than you, but as long as I put in the work, I will be fine. I give glory to God.
Q: Who is one of your favorite childhood superheroes?
The Flash! He is so fast; the Flash is the best. He can be at one place in one time, and then he can be in another. I wish I could run around the world that fast.

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