June 18, 2024

1. Name/ Age / Hometown
Armon Murray/ 21 / Indianapolis, Indiana
2. Sport(s) and Years in the Sport
Football (four years) and track (one year)
3. Major
Business Marketing
4. What position did you play? What events do you run/do?
Corner in football and 200m, 60m, 4x200m and open 400m in track
5. What does it mean to you to be a black student-athlete?
I feel we have to work a little bit harder; we have a higher expectation. It makes me go harder because some people may not want to see me succeed, but I use it as motivation.
6. Knowing that it is Black History Month, what black figure(s), living or dead, inspire(s) you? Why?
Russell Westbrook. He was at UCLA, and he wasn’t expected to do much in the NBA. He overcame a lot of obstacles, as well as Kevin Durant.
7. Are there any black figures that have made a mark in your heart?
My high school track coach — coach Goss. He came from California, and he taught me how to mess up and keep going. You can fall back a few steps because it won’t always hurt you, but it lets you know that you can still move forward. I have taken some steps back in my life and still went forward. I also look up to my dad.
8. If you could go down in history for doing something, what would it be?
I would probably be the first black man to run a predominately-white corporation. Try to be a leader in the corporation and beat out the stereotypes that most hold.
9. What is your favorite dish to eat?
Italian food; I like pasta.

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