June 23, 2024

After trying all the sports that were available to her when she was younger, senior Kristina Fultz decided to try volleyball in middle school, and has been playing for nine years. Fultz has played the outside hitter position her entire volleyball career, until her senior year when she switched to the libero position. This volleyball player is 22 years old from Cincinnati and loving the color blue.
Q: Who is your number one supporter in your volleyball career?
A: My mom, for sure; she is pretty much my number one fan for anything.
Q: What was your best game?
A: Statistically, I’m not sure what my best game was, but after our DePauw conference match this year, [Coach Francesco “Paco” Labrador] was complimentary of the number of digs I had. DePauw’s libero is great; she’s been a starter the past four years. She won Libero of the Year in the conference, and after the match, Paco told me that I had more digs than her on the night, so that was exciting for me.
Q: What are some of your best stats in a game?
A: Since this was my first year as a libero, I tried to look up some of the statistics of some of the great Witt liberos – like Christina Gilene and Laura Fender – and tried to make goals for myself from there. It’s difficult, though, to get your stats up as a libero because you are relying on the other team hitting at you or somewhere in your range so that you can get a dig.
Q: Do you have a ritual you do before or after a game?
A: There is a set of songs that I listen to on my phone to get me pumped up, but then there are a set of songs that we dance to as a team in the locker room each game. This is my favorite ritual because so many generations of teams have done this, and some of the songs are still the same after all these years.
Q: What has been one of your favorite memories with your Wittenberg team?
A: Playing in a national championship game is for sure one I will never forget. But the entirety of the tournament is really what was special. You spend two weeks with your friends in a new place, get to go to banquets, watch the best teams in the country compete and play the game you love.
Q: What has playing for Wittenberg taught you?
A: Just in general – being a student-athlete for four years, no matter the sport, you learn so many skills: time management, dedication, and you develop this work ethic that comes from this experience.
Q: What will you miss the most about your Witt team?
A: I think the thing I’ll miss the most is playing with my best friends.
Q: Will you come back to support your old team after graduating?
A: For sure! They are going to have such awesome seasons these next few years, so I have to come back and watch them.

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