July 14, 2024

After spending spring break 2016 in the beautiful state of Florida, Wittenberg softball has started its 2016 season off strong.
The NCAA allows Division III softball programs to play 40 games a year, which allows the team to travel to Florida each spring break and play 10 games, which is one-fourth of its schedule.
“Going south to nicer weather is really the only way we can get most or all of those games in,” Laura Matthews, Head Coach said.
Upon arriving to Florida, the softball team practiced before their games began. When they were not playing softball, they all sat by the pool as a team and spent time with each other.
“We had an off-day in which some of the girls spent time with family and went to the beach, Disney World or MLB Spring Training Games,” Matthews said.
The women played 10 games with a record of 10-0.
Their schedule began with two games on Mar. 7, first against New England College, and next against St. Mary’s, where they won 11-1 and 7-4, respectively.
On Mar. 8, Wittenberg faced off against Cornell, taking the win 6-5. On the same day, they played Lebanon Valley, triumphing 12-2.
They got a break on Mar. 9, then went back to playing the next day, beating Susquehanna 8-1, as well as Thiel 8-0.
The following day, Wittenebrg shut out Moravian 5-0, then beat Ursinus 8-3.
For the final day, they went up against Bethel (Minn.), taking the 7-0 victory, and finished on a high note against Smith, taking the final game 8-3.
“Our strategy was to go out and try to win each game by having good at-bats, playing great defense and pitching well,” Matthews said.
Their record got them off to a great start, but it won’t mean much if the team doesn’t continue to play at that high level.
The team tries to use the one-day-at-a-time approach, and continues to focus on the process of wanting to get better rather than just look at the big picture.
“We believe that if we focus in on getting better each day, our results will take care of themselves,” Matthews said.
Going forward in the season,  Matthews expects the girls to continue to remain good teammates to each other and give her and each other maximum effort and focus each day.
“I believe we have a very talented team, and if we focus on supporting each other and continual improvement, we will have a successful season,” Matthews said.

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