May 19, 2024

On Aug. 21, the 2016 Summer Olympics wrapped up, the U.S. Olympic team taking home a whopping 121 medals in total. With so many medalists, it could be hard to choose just one favorite.
Although it was not specified that the medalist should be from the U.S. Olympic team, most Witt students interviewed chose a member of the U.S. team. More than one swimmer made the list, including Michael Phelps and 19 year old Katie Ledecky, who took home four gold and a silver.
Next in line came the gymnasts, Gabby Douglas taking the lead.
“I just really like that she told the world that she wasn’t the next Michael Phelps, she was the next Gabby Douglas,” junior Katie Andrulis stated.
“I also really loved those Korean badminton players, I don’t remember their names but they were bada**,” Andrulis stated.
Although there were many medalists mentioned, it was also indicated a few times as well that some of those asked hardly watched this summer’s Olympics at all, including English professor Scott Hinson.
When asked to comment on the event and athletes as a whole, Hinson said, “All I know is that even if we lose everything and have some class doing it, that’s okay, too.”

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