April 13, 2024

Crisp fall evenings, lights around the stadium glistening off of the turf, and screaming fans can really make an athlete feel like they are on top of the world.
Between dressing up in our best school apparel and chanting the most ridiculous chants, we bleed red and white and cheer loudly as our boys of fall take the field. One of these boys being freshman wide receiver, Keonte Million.
Million’s football career began before a football could even fit in his hands.
At four years old, Million played for the Little Buckeyes, where he would meet the man who would impact his life forever, coach DD Howard.
Howard showed the boys at a young age the importance of paving a bright future for themselves, which is exactly what Million did. Howard passed away in 2012 after falling ill with pneumonia.
Million said he strives to be the best he can be over the next four years, starting by pushing himself to the limit during practices.
Using the more experienced upperclassmen to his advantage, he is always looking to learn from them, and use that against his opponents in a game.
He tells me that competing is really the only way to truly better yourself.
By learning from mistakes, whether in a game or practice, he can learn from them and improve his game for the upcoming week. Million hopes that before he graduates, he can break some of the records currently held by other football alumni.
As many athletes do, Million has special pregame rituals: “Before games, I think about coach DD and my family. A lot of my drive comes from them. I think about my city. I was always told I wouldn’t make it out of this town, and that I couldn’t play college football. So it fuels my fire. I cherish the memories I had with my coach, and I’m very thankful for my family. Everything I do day in and day out is for them, so they don’t have to struggle in the future, and hopefully one day, I can give back to my city.”
His family has had a big impact on the way he plays the game, and the passion behind it.
Million is a rising star and has set the bar high for himself, and there’s not a doubt in anyone’s mind that he can accomplish whatever he has his heart set to. He wears his number with pride, and the next time 87 takes the field, know that great things are about to happen.
Million puts his whole heart in his game, and Witt is lucky to have such a determined athlete as part of its team. Tiger Up!

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