June 13, 2024

Connor Seipel is an upcoming freshman standout on the Wittenberg men’s basketball team. Having played basketball “for as long as [he] can remember,” Seipel has gathered some playing time during his first season at Wittenberg.
Seipel, it seems, was made for college basketball although he did not think he was originally going to play college basketball. It wasn’t until his senior year at Groveport Madison High School that he knew it was an option. For a long time, he loved football just as much, if not more, than basketball.
However, as the 2015-2016 basketball season began, Seipel was recruited by multiple schools for his abilities on the court and in the classroom. Weighing between Wittenberg and another school, he made the decision to come to Wittenberg.
“[Wittenberg] felt more like a place I could call home,” Seipel said.
While he is here at Wittenberg, Seipel is thinking about majoring in business or history and minoring in education, but has not decided quite yet. Over the next four years, Seipel has a few goals, one of them being his hope to grow as a person and see the world with a new-found perspective. He is also hoping to find a job that he will love doing for the rest of his life. If he decides to teach, the possibility of going back to Columbus, or even returning to his hometown of Groveport, are strong in his mind.
Balancing between athletics and academics can be difficult for anyone. To maintain his rigorous schedule, Seipel has designated practice time that he works around. After practice, he hits the books in the library, using any free time to work on homework and to study.
When all of his homework is completed, Seipel uses his time to put in extra work at the gym or to hang out with friends.
Seipel has one definite favorite thing about basketball, “the comradery of the team.”
He also added that he loves the competition of the game. This season, he has been sporting the number 54 on the court while playing the position of forward for the Tigers. Seipel is currently averaging 15 minutes a game and has put up 50 points in the last nine conference games.
He has hopes to see the basketball program become League Champions, and/or National Champions, in the near future. We wish him and the rest of the men’s basketball team good luck throughout the rest of their season.

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  1. Great article! Nice to hear about Groveport graduates continuing to thrive. Where’s my printed and signed copy?

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