June 18, 2024

Spring sports sprang back into action this week at Edwards-Maurer Field. This was the first time the Tigers played at home this season, after the team took on John Carroll and then traveled to Texas over spring break to enjoy the hot weather, soak up some sun and take on other schools down south with lacrosse teams.

The women’s lacrosse team took on Mount Union on March 16. The Tigers came into the game 4-1 and the Raiders came in 1-1. The weather was cold and rainy, but the two teams were ready to play the game come rain or snow.

The game started off as the women took the field and Mount Union took control of the ball. The teams were evenly matched as they went head to head. The Raiders scored two minutes and five seconds into the first half. From there, the Tigers knew that they had to push on and play the game. As the game proceeded, Emily Wadds, ‘19, took control of the ball and attempted to move it down the field. The two teams continued to bout for control of the ball.

The second goal was scored two minutes and 36 seconds later, putting the Raiders ahead 2-0. The Tigers got their first break and scored a goal 12 minutes and 29 seconds into the first half, making the score 11-4 at the end of the first half with the Raiders ahead.

The second half began with jumping jacks to stay warm and Wadds coming in and taking control of the ball. Gabrielle Zysik, ‘20, scored a goal three minutes and 11 seconds into the second half.

The Tigers worked well together as they communicated and attempted to keep the ball away from the Raiders and out of their own territory.

As the game is played, there is a rule that once one of the two teams are ahead by 10 points, the clock runs without stopping unless signaled by a referee.

As the opportunity for this scenario to happen kept increasing, the Tigers fought harder and harder to keep the ball away from Mount Union. However, with 4:56 left in the game, the Raiders scored allowing the clock to run out without stopping.

At the conclusion of the game, one of the students in attendance commented that, “The game, although cold, was fun and interesting to watch. I’m excited to see a game when the weather is warmer.”

After a long-fought battle, the game wraps up with the Raiders on top with a score of 20-10. In the coming weeks, the women’s lacrosse team will be taking on Capital University, DePauw University and Augustana College. Also, keep a look out for men’s lacrosse, softball, baseball and track and field as their seasons kick off for the spring.

We hope to see the women’s lacrosse team keep up their winning season, and a big welcome back to spring sports!

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