May 21, 2024

For the first time in Wittenberg history, water polo was added as a club sport this year. Currently the team has 10 female players: Blaine Davidson, ‘18, Lauren Ruddy, ;18, Morgan Siefert, ‘19, Kelly Corbin, ‘20, Breann Webb, ‘21, Ashley O’Neill, ‘19, Annalise Gibson, ‘20, Emily Sarver, ‘19, Richelle Avers, ‘18, Elissa Manchester, Amanda Hanson, ‘20, along with team manager, Nicholas Angeli, ‘20.

The players are coached by University of Hawaii graduate Sivan Pardon, alongside assistant coach, Zach Palula.

While the team lost all four of their games this past weekend, the team is predicted to grow and flourish. Due to interest from perspective recruits, water polo will be transitioning from a club sport to a Wittenberg varsity sport next year.

Davidson shared that she joined the water polo team to “be a part of something new and challenge myself. I like it because it keeps me in shape, allows me to meet other teams and get out of my comfort zone.”


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