May 21, 2024

On Saturday, Sept. 29, the Wittenberg University Tigers and DePauw University Tigers went head to head for the Field Hockey Code Red game of the season. The stands were packed with excited parents and eager peers, the game was under way. While Witt led throughout the majority of the game, they ultimately fell to DePauw in the second half, losing 3-2.

Starting off strong, Witt was the first team to score after a beautiful shot from Blaine Donnelly, ’19, that snuck right past the keeper and into the goal.
With Witt getting fired up, several Witt shots were taken by Veronica Carrow, ’21, Flora van den Born, ’22, and Isabella Wagner, ’19.

The defense played well and kept DePauw at bay for the entirety of the first half, where Allie Purvis, ’19, made three saves between the pipes. The Tigers took seven shots, keeping the DePauw keeper busy.

“We started off really strong in the first half and unfortunately did not finish the game quite like we started, but it was our most composed, well-played games we’ve had all season and we all definitely took a lot away from it. We’re excited to pay again on Wednesday,” Carrow said.

The second half started off with Witt scoring within the first 11 minutes. After fighting their way up the field and through the DePauw defense, Donnelly passed the ball to Allison Ormsby, ’22, who was able to send the ball into the goal. The Tigers were up by two and feeling good.

DePauw then sent out subs and with new bodies on the field, they scored for the first time all game, only to turn around and score again. That tied the two Tigers at 2-2, but Witt wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

The defense pushed and fought hard to keep DePauw away from the goal for another 14 minutes, winding close to the conclusion of the game.

DePauw was then able to sneak a goal past the Tigers and put them ahead by one, narrowly snagging the win.

Purvis made five saves and Carrow lead in shots after taking three, Donnelly lead in assists with one. There were two green cards given, one to each team.

“They looked good out there. It was a good game,” Andrew Hammond, ‘20, commented after the game.

The Tigers are currently 2-7 overall and 2-4 in conference. They are averaging 10.1 shots per game, and 1.3 goals per game. They have scored 12 goals so far this season and racked up four green cards.

Up next, the Tigers will be taking on Ohio Wesleyan at home on Oct. 3 at 7:00 p.m., before hitting the road and heading to Earlham College on Oct. 6.

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