June 18, 2024

The game on Wednesday, Jan. 23, was spectacular for those who attended the nail-biting game between the Wittenberg Tigers and DePauw Tigers. The Wittenberg Tigers won by the score of 64-61. DePauw is currently ranked 16 in country, so far this season.

Alex Kiess, ’19, was Wittenberg’s lead scorer with 16 points, one block assist and steal. Kristie Kalis, ’21, dominated the glass by collecting 10 rebounds, Kalis also scored 13 points and had 2 assists. Delaney Williams, ’21, lead Wittenberg with six assists, had 12 points, and six rebounds.

This contest was offense oriented. Both teams had to score on every possession to determine who was going to control the momentum of the game.

Despite the game being very offensive, there were not a lot of fouls being committed. It was not until the third-quarter that free throws were awarded to either team.

The game started off with Wittenberg winning the tip. But, DePauw was the first team to score. They took an early 4-0 lead before Riley Culver, ’20, scored on a nice jump shop to start the scoring for Wittenberg. After that moment, buckets were dropping left and right. There were 10 lead changes the first quarter, that ended in a one-point lead, 17-16, for DePauw.

In the second quarter, DePauw was able to get a small five-point lead, this lead was caused when Wittenberg turned the ball over and allow DePauw to gain possession. Wittenberg was able cut the lead down when some of their three-pointers fell. Wittenberg entered the halftime only down by two points, 30-28.

The second half started off with Wittenberg having possession and they were the first team to score, which tied the game up 30 apiece. This tie did not last that long. For a short instance DePauw seemed to be gaining control of the game by being rewarded the ball after a dive on the ground to get a second chance to score.

DePauw had the lead 42-37 with 1:53 in the third-quarter remaining but Wittenberg cut the lead down when they scored on their last four possessions. McKenna Baker, ’22, was able to knock down back to back three pointers and Alex Kiess, ’19, made a buzzer beater to end the third quarter down by six points 48-42.

In the final quarter Wittenberg continued to cut down the lead and eventually regained the lead. Wittenberg pushed the lead to as many as seven points early in the quarter before both teams were scoreless for nearly five minutes. DePauw attempted a late comeback, which trimmed the Wittenberg lead to 53-52 with two minutes left. Williams and Kiess scored back to back three pointers. The nail in the coffin that ended De- Pauw’s chances for winning was when they fouled Culver who swished both of her free-throws with five seconds left.

The Tigers’ next home games are on Friday, Feb. 1 against Hiram at 6 p.m. and then Saturday, Feb. 2 against Alleghny at 3 p.m.

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