May 21, 2024

On Wednesday, March 27, Wittenberg’s baseball team went up against the Wilmington College Quakers. The Tigers led 16-2 after eight innings, the Quakers continued to gain momentum and brought home six runs for a 16-8 final.

Both teams went scoreless in the first inning, and the top of the second came and went without a run for the Quakers. The Tigers’ Mason Davis, ’21, was hit by the pitcher and was followed up by Tanner Boros, ’21, hitting a homerun, putting the Tigers on the board. Parker Thomas, ’21, went down swinging. Michael Flynn, ’20, and Justin Bargar, ’20, both made contact but grounded out.

The Tigers put another run on the board in the third, while the Quakers went scoreless until the top of the fourth. After a homerun and two runs batted in, Wilmington was on the board but behind.

The bottom of the fourth was fruitful for the Tigers with three runs in. With Thomas on third and Bargar on second after a double to right field, Hayden Knox, ’21, headed to the batter’s box and knocked his ball out of the park. Knox’s hit put the Tigers up 5-2. After that, Jack Hollinshead, ’21, popped out to centerfield and Jack Siefert, ’21, was hit by a pitch so the Quakers subbed their pitcher out. After the pitcher was warm, Patrick Kenny, ’20, sent one to the centerfielder’s mitt ending the fourth inning.

The bottom of the fifth started with Ma. Davis doubling to left field, Boros was out at first after the leftfielder relayed the ball to the short stop who sent it sailing to first and secured the out. But that play didn’t stop Ma. Davis from making his way through third base and across home putting the Tigers up 6-2.

Bottom of the sixth was another big inning for the Tigers. There were four runs scored on four hits, but there was one lonesome Tiger left on base. Ma. Davis had been in the box and singled then advanced on an error, advanced. This gave Kenny the opportunity to advance to third and sent both Siefert and Hollinshead home. Boros was called out after popping one up to center, but that gave Kenny the time to make it across home plate.

The seventh inning brought the Tigers five runs off of six hits and sacrificed. The eighth inning was unfruitful for both the Quakers and the Tigers. In the top of the ninth the Quakers found their bats and the wheels. Logan Wiggenhorn, ’22, went to the mound to pitch and hit the first batter. After that, Wiggenhorn walked a few more players before Rusty Hayhurst, ’21, went to the mound. There were three more runs scored before Hayhurst struck out the final batter and ended the game.

The Tigers are currently 8-6, with 101 runs under their belts. On Wednesday, April 3, the Tigers host the Little Giants of Wabash College at noon and 3 p.m. Followed by a double-header on Saturday, April 6, against Hiram College at the same times.

Mitchell Davis watches his teammates. (Trent Sprague/The Wittenberg Torch)

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