February 24, 2024

Emily Sarver is the lone senior on the water polo team this season she hails from Plain City, Ohio, and graduated from Jonathan Alder High School. She is the middle child of her family: she has one older brother and a younger sister.

Sarver decided to attend Wittenberg University because of how excited the professors were when discussing the programs they teach. She loves that the campus was far enough from home, but close enough still drive home when she desired.

In May, Sarver will be graduating with a degree in psychology. She was introduced to this field in high school when Jonathan Alder offered a psychology class. Her dream job is working at the hospitals in the in-patient clinic where she can question and diagnose patients. Sarver’s dream job came from her favorite class she has taken, which is the abnormal psychology class that was taught by Dr. Little. In this class they questioned, diagnosed and wrote up clinical summaries.

Prior to being exposed to the sport of water polo, Sarver was a member of the swim and dive team. During the 2018-2019 swim season, Sarver decided to stop swimming. She swam a variety of freestyle events from the 200, 500, 1,000 and mile. Sarver was introduced to the sport of water polo by her head coach Sivan Pardon. Pardon recommended that she try out for the water polo team even though it was a club sport at the time. She enjoyed playing the sport so much that she decided to come back and play it as a varsity sport.

Being a part of the water polo team is her first experience playing with others. She has got accustomed being an individual athlete. In high school she was the only member on the swim team. Sarver had to practice at the Hilliard YMCA swimming pool. Sarver said, “It’s nice to finally have a team that supports you.”

Sarver plays the attacker position. Her role is to serve as a secondary option for scoring goals. 

The team’s typical practice lasts about two hours, where they warm-up with an average of 500 yard swim set and couple thousand yard swims before passing and shooting drills. A water polo game consists of four eight-minute quarters.

Outside of playing water polo Sarver is a member of Sigma Kappa sorority. During her time as a Sigma Kappa she has held the executive position of Vice President of Finance. She joined Sigma Kappa because all the women in the sorority took away the fear of committing to one organization for a lifelong commitment. All of her sisters will be friends for life.

She enjoys watching television dramas like “Grey’s Anatomy” and the cooking show “The Great British Baking Show.” When she is not watching those shows, she loves to read book’s like Harry Potter.

Some senior advice she wants to give her fellow Tigers are “have fun, don’t take athletics to seriously. [Don’t allow] sports to define your college experience and let loose a little bit and get out of your comfort zone and be more adventurous.”

The water polo team is preparing for the regional championship which begins next weekend.

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