July 14, 2024

*This article contains spoilers, which include suicidal tendencies. Read at your own risk.
Many of the shows that stream on Netflix sometimes deal with major issues facing society such as mental health, coming of age, sexuality, women’s rights etc. The newest Netflix Original show that most people are buzzing about is “The Politician.”
The “Politician” is filled with secrets, touches on mental health and what it is like being in a normal high school. Created by Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan  and Ryan Murphy. The TV show stars American actor Ben Platt, known for his roles in “Pitch Perfect.” Platt plays Payton Hobart, a young high school senior who is destined to become president of the United States one day. However, Payton has secrets of his own. He is the adopted son of loving Georgina Hobart (played by Gwyneth Paltrow), and the cold-hearted Keaton Hobart (played by Bob Balaban.
At first, Payton is running unopposed for President of his high school’s student body, but his jock friend and secret one time lover River Barkley (played by David Corenswet) decides to run against him. Payton hates the idea that his friend is running against him, as noted by his outbursts in the pilot episode. During the opening debates, River opens up about his struggle with mental health.
“I tried to kill myself last year, yeah I never told anyone that,” Barlkey said. “So it was about a year ago and I was just feeling depressed. Not even depressed, just hopeless, because I felt so all alone… So I went home after lax [lacrosse] practice… and something made me take a 45-pound plate… and I went to my pool and I jumped in the deep end… and the next thing I knew I was floating at the top of the surface.”
However, that day after school River shot himself right in front of Payton. At the Memorial service dedicated in his honor, River’s girlfriend Astrid Sloan, (played by British-American actress Lucy Boynton) decides to be the replacement candidate. Astrid, along with River’s previous running mate, the very outspoken Skye Leighton (played by Rahne Jones) try to take down Payton.
Payton along with his two advisors and campaign managers McAfee Westbrook (Laura Dreyfuss), and James Sullivan (played by Theo Germaine) try to make sure things run smoothly during his campaign. However, Payton’s running mate Infinity Jackson (played by Zoey Deutch) has a big secret that puts a huge risk on the campaign.
Infinity is living with a false diagnosis of cancer. It turns out that her crazy grandmother Dusty Jackson (who is portrayed by American actress Jessica Lange) has been poisoning her for all of her life like she did with Infinity’s late mother.
In conclusion, the “Politician” is a great Netflix show to watch becasue it touches on major issues that some high school and college students face today.

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