July 14, 2024

Wednesday, Feb. 26, Founders Trivia, located in Founders Bar, was a blast for every class.
Founders holds a trivia game night for students to come and enjoy their time answering questions on topics like current and past events, and have a drink or two. While some find way to wind down mid-week by playing video games or watching movies in Dopplegängers across the hall, some students decide to engage in mental challenges by partaking in weekly trivia.
Last week was no slump as contestants went head-to-head answering questions on the Presidency and world history, Pixar movies, artwork and artists and even hands-on questions testing the teams’ sense of touch with a round of fabric questions.
Trivia game night originated in Yellow Springs, OH and eventually made its way to Wittenberg University. Chemistry professor Ray Dudek is to thank for the trivia nights as he is the overall director and creator of these fun times. Having a PhD in chemistry doesn’t keep him away from partaking in fun and events with the students.
Trivia has three rules that must be followed to receive prizes: no shouting out answers, the team needs to have at least four members and no “millennial” technology can be used such as laptops, cellphones, etc.
There were four rounds and each round consisted of five questions: round one’s category was New York Times, round two’s category was Pixar, round three’s category was fabric and the final round’s category was naming the artist of a piece of art.
These young professionals had a nice range of expertise were broken up into four teams. The teams were eloquently named by the team members, or perhaps just made up on the spot, but nevertheless there names were Team Goldfish, Kathy’s Jacket, Blue Razz and Political Data. It was an intense battle with Team Goldfish and Political Data closing in on the top two spots. Team Political Data walked away with the victory. Political Data added this victory to their previous 20 victories, having not lost at Trivia yet. The students highly enjoy these trivia sessions and it’s a wonderful way of relaxation.
“We hold our own as freshmen,” several students competing said. “Since we are younger, we are at a disadvantage so it’s feels good to compete.”
Another group hanging out were a couple of sophomores who just happened to have the night off. Several of the students weren’t as familiar with the trivia as the others but they knew Dudek from their First Year Seminar (FYS) class and dropped by for some trivia fun.
Founders Trivia is a wonderful way to blow off some steam throughout the semester. Every trivia night has different themes, so don’t be a stranger and feel free to stop by to enjoy some mentally stimulating content.

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