July 18, 2024

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.” Albeit an old saying, it was very much true on the day when Young’s Dairy made a trip to Wittenberg campus.

Family-owned since 1869, Young’s Jersey Dairy is best known for its homemade ice cream, milkshakes and of course, its cheese. Young’s also is known for its welcoming, family friendly environment with fun seasonal events for all to enjoy, regardless of age.

With their “On the Moove” food truck, the company sold a limited amount of items, including some of their most popular sellers including grilled cheese, pulled pork and steak hoagies. Included were half pints of their famous ice cream and, last but not least, their cheese curds.

As someone who attended the event, I was taken aback by their food but was not disappointed. My recommendation would be the cheese curds and the pulled pork sandwich. Between the two, the cheese curds were my favorite. They were fresh and packed with flavor, and besides, who doesn’t like cheese? It was melting in your mouth with goodness all around. As for the pulled pork, I enjoyed the tanginess of the sauce, which wasn’t overbearing or spicy. The meat and sauce sat atop a nice, soft potato bun. Hey, it saved me a trip to CDR. I’m not complaining. After all, it was a nice change around campus.

It was pleasant to see the amount of people that showed up and I was surprised, not going to lie. Due to the pandemic and with classes now being online for two weeks, campus has seemed a bit lonely. It was wonderful to see people enjoying ice cream with friends during these times. It gave a sense of hope that even during this, we as a community can enjoy the little things together and still be safe. Maybe the world can go back to normal, not right now, but one day…one cheese curd at a time.

Next time you are in the mood for ice cream, take a trip down to Young’s Dairy, located in Yellow Springs, OH. Support your local companies and get ice cream, and that concept just can’t be beat!

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