April 13, 2024

From Aug. 27-29, the current students, staff and faculty of Wittenberg University welcomed the class of 2025 with a series of fun events while practicing COVID-19 safety regulations.

To introduce the new class to the university, multiple events were held in order to show everything we Tigers have to offer when it comes to academics, sports and student involvement. Welcome Week included the Welcome Ceremony, the Witt Olympics, the Academic Program Engagement Fair, Minute to Win It game night, the theatre showcase and a Welcome Back Bash.

At the Witt Olympics, Director of Student Involvement and Fraternity and Sorority Life Jade Jones explained a deeper meaning behind the colors of the teams for this year instead of just representing residence halls or the Witten’Burbs.

“The colors symbolize the Welcome Week FYS groups mainly for comradery and for finding that person, that peer…that is going to be [your] best friend,” Jones said.

Additionally, an outdoor reception was hosted at Benjamin Prince House with President Michael Frandsen and Sharon Frandsen.

In the back garden his home, Frandsen welcomed groups of new students with tasty treats and refreshments. Due to the small space, masks were required outdoors and while students walked through Benjamin Prince House.

New students visiting the Benjamin Prince House help themselves to refreshments and W cookies. Photo by Meghan Nadzam (’22).

In a brief interview, Frandsen recalled his most important goals this academic year.

“We have an acronym for all, not just new students, called ABLE, meaning for students to be able to make the most of their Wittenberg experience,” Frandsen said. “‘A’ stands for attitude, ‘B’ stands for balance, ‘L’ stands for light and having light to pass onto others and ‘E’ stands for students to experiment and explore.”

That wasn’t all that was new from Frandsen and the start of this term. He and his wife started a new program called Adopt a Tree. As some may have noticed, new trees have been planted around the campus grounds in order to replace some of the trees that had fallen or died. The Frandsen family wishes for all students to ‘adopt’ any tree by taking a picture with the tree each academic year as a way to show personal growth.

“In ten, 25 [or] 50 years, [students] can come back to see that same tree,” President Frandsen said.

Adopting a tree is a symbol and motivation for students; while they progress in their academics and career, they too can reflect and remember their college past by revisiting their own tree and their old campus.

Any student can choose any tree around campus to adopt. Photo by Meghan Nadzam (’21).

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