June 23, 2024
A Torch, the logo of The Wittenberg Torch

Ava. R. Agoranos, Editor-in-Chief

The Torch is finally relit! Student journalism is vital for a positive environment on campus; The Torch gives a voice to students, the ability to share and spread news, and express creativity. I am optimistic that The Torch will continue to grow and thrive while giving opportunities for students to gain first-hand experience of journalism. I hope students are inspired to be the voice of change, or to simply keep everyone up to date on what’s going on around campus.

R. E. Johnson, Multi-Media Advisor

We are thrilled to present the first articles to Wittenberg for the re-lit Torch this afternoon. The first day of the semester at any college is exciting; for us here at The Torch, it’s even more invigorating. I am excited to see the growth of our school newspaper and our radio station (look for more information about WUSO coming soon!), as we craft more opportunities for students to participate fully in media making and creation. Thank you for reading!

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