May 19, 2024
The Wittenberg Choir assembled to perform!

The Wittenberg Choir used to go on tours every spring break, spreading their beautiful music to people all around the country and the world. Due to the pandemic, the tours stopped in 2020 and, not happen again until this February. The choir was able to sing in Indianapolis and Chicago over the course of 5 days. Their tour started with a home performance at Weaver Chapel.

It was a bright and early start the next day, Friday, February 23. The choir departed from Kreig Hall at 7:30 to sing for Fairborn High School, and later in the day at Pike High School. After the two high school performances, the choir arrived in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. They were able to explore the city after their final and third performance of the day. That performance was held at Resurrection Lutheran Church, which happened to be one of the choir members’ home church.

The Wittenberg Choir on the road. (Credit: Sarah White.)

After Indianapolis, the choir was set for Chicago. Once they got there, they had a while to go out and explore the city! Most of the members had never been to the city and were eager to explore! They still had a performance that Saturday at Augustana Lutheran Church of Hyde Park.

Sunday brought the choir more time to explore Chicago and a chance to sing a song directed by its composer. Phillip Spencer is a Witt ’75 graduate and composed one of the pieces that the choir sang for their repertoire, “That Would Be the Day”. Spencer happened to live in Naperville, which is where the choir was singing at Our Savior Church. Spencer also had some of his choir members, Naper-voice, sing with the choir for that piece. After this, the choir got to enjoy authentic Chicago Italian at Maggiano’s restaurant.

The Wittenberg Choir on stage. (Credit: Sarah White)

Day four was uneventful and restful. The choir only had one performance at Good Shepard Lutheran Church. The cool thing about the church they performed in was it was specifically made with music in mind. The acoustics were amazing, and the choir sounded equally amazing.

The fifth and final day also brought the last performance. The choir sang at Charleston High School and was privileged enough to hear the high school’s own choirs and a-cappella groups. The choir returned to Kreig Hall that night, which concluded their tour.

An especially special thing about this tour was the Wittman Crew. The crew is a tenor-bass a-cappella group that was formed during a past choir tour, and this year marked their 25th anniversary! There were members in the choir, so in the middle of performances, they sang two songs of their own and shared their voices.

The choir is ready for more tours and chances to spread their voices and light with others. Please support the choir by coming to performances and enjoying the gift they share with us!

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