May 19, 2024
Anna Roller

Anna Roller ’26 is from New Albany, Ohio, a suburb outside of Columbus.

Bailee Lyons: How long have you played?

Anna Roller: I’ve been playing since I was in 3rd grade.

BL: What got you started into playing?

AR: My brother bought me a lacrosse stick for my birthday and since then I’ve been playing. He has always been super athletic and good at every sport he did, so it really means a lot to me that he introduced me to the sport I love. My brother is a junior on the Men’s Lacrosse team here and so it is great to be able to go shoot with him and to also just be able to see him.

BL: What is your major?

AR: I am a biology major.

BL: Are there any challenges with your major that may interfere with your sport?

AR: Other than having to go from lab straight to practice, so far there hasn’t been anything that has interfered with my sport. My coach works around our schedules as best as possible for practice and lift times but if there is anything academic that comes up, she is super understanding. She graduated from Witt in 2017 and was on the lacrosse team so she understands the balance between school and sports.

BL: What are you involved in outside of sports?

AR: I am the VPP of Sigma Kappa, Treasurer of SAAC, I work concession stands, and I’m a member of Green Club.

BL: Who would you say is the team’s biggest rival?

AR: Denison for sure.

BL: What’s your favorite part of Witt?

AR: My favorite part about Witt is that it is a small campus. So many people say it but it is 100% true. I like being able to walk around campus and be able to say hi to everyone I know.

BL: What is your main goal as a player during your career at Witt?

AR: I have two more years here, and I think our goal is to win a conference game. Our conference is really hard, but we have improved so much and I have a lot of faith that we will win a conference game.

BL: What is the biggest piece of advice a coach has given you?

AR: I would say to be kind to myself and not expect myself to perfect. I hold myself to a very high standard but its important to remember I am human, and mistakes are normal.

BL: If you did not play lacrosse what would you play instead?

AR: I would probably swim or play volleyball.

BL: What is your pregame ritual?

AR: I always make sure to heat and stretch before each game. Before we go out, I always make sure my goggles fit just right because I don’t want to have to think about it during the game, and I text my brother. I always have a lot of energy before games so just making sure I keep the energy up and not letting my nerves get the best of me.

BL: What’s your pregame song?

AR: “Alien Superstar” by Beyonce!

BL: What is your pregame meal?

AR: I always like peanut butter, pretzels, and applesauce.

BL: What’s your favorite part of practice?

AR: My favorite part of practice is when we do 7v7 because it is the most game like and that’s when I see the things we learned during drills being applied to games and it just makes me so excited. 7v7 is super exhausting but it is always so much fun.

BL: What is your favorite building on campus?

AR: Either the library or the Science Center.

BL: If you had one word to describe your team, what would it be?

AR: Resilient!

Thank you, Anna!

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