April 19, 2024

To Whom It May Concern:

 My name is Kellyn McCarter and I’m a sophomore. It has been drawn to my attention that, at the recent football game against Butler, Wittenberg students treated Butler’s band absolutely terribly. I love this school. I chose this school because of its ability to make everyone feel at home. Under “Integrity” in the “About Witt” section of the school website, it says:
Integrity means honesty and fidelity to the highest ethical standards, which are fundamental to teaching, learning, and personal growth. We encourage our students to pursue knowledge and truth with moral courage and reflection, and so to live their lives.
I cannot begin to understand how the treatment of Butler fits into that. I’m not sending this because I want to put-down this school. I am sending this because I’m incredibly concerned about how this makes, not just these fans, but all Witt students look. We’re already slightly looked down upon as snobbish by the city of Springfield. Do we really need more people thinking that? It’s important that this video is drawn to the attention of every Witt student, staff, and faculty member in hopes that we may show others that this does not represent who we are.
Here is the Youtube video showing our treatment:
Thank you for your time, 
Kellyn McCarter

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