June 23, 2024

Last week in music, billboard.com had its latest listing of today’s culture in 200 foot-stomping, dance-all-night-worthy songs. Instead of giving a personal review of these songs, I felt that it was more important to give my fellow classmates an opportunity for their voice to be heard about not only these songs, but about music in general. For the sake of space, in my interviews with our peers, we focused on the Top 10 of these 200.
Madeline Kraft, a sophomore, is not partial when it comes to music. “I listen to a little bit of everything to be honest! I don’t have a favorite genre.” Kraft is slightly concerned with the messages the songs on Billboard proclaim.
“From what I can tell,” she states, “the Top 200 seems to be okay, maybe a little too much raunchy music.”
Freshman Dylan Oliver, however, is on the opposite end of the spectrum. “[My favorite genre is] 60s rock, definitely.” Oliver goes on, saying that he would like to see artists like Green Day, the Killers, All Time Low, and related acts on the Top 10.
The Billboard’s Top 10 for the week of Sept. second are as follows:
1. Katy Perry- “Roar”
2. Robin Thicke ft. T.I. + Pharrell- “Blurred Lines”
3. Eminem- “Berzerk”
4. Miley Cyrus- “We Can’t Stop”
5. Jay-Z ft. Justin Timberlake- “Holy Grail”
6. Lady Gaga- “Applause”
7. Avicii- “Wake Me Up!”
8. Lorde- “Royals”
9. Imagine Dragons- “Radioactive”
10. Lana Del Rey and Cedric Gervais- “Summertime Sadness”
Kraft feels as though this list is appropriate for our time era. “I think that is what the majority of our age group is listening to right now. They’re fun songs, but I don’t think they’re going to last and stick around like the songs of our parents’ generation.”
Oliver is more outward with his opinion of today’s music. “I would seek to replace what I see as mundane and boring with less asinine music. I would also seek to lessen rap’s popularity.”
If you’re into pop music, your power tracks would be songs such as “Roar” by Katy Perry or “Applause” by Lady Gaga. If rap is your favorite, you’ll want to check out Eminem’s new single “Berzerk.” But if you’re a fan of alternative music, I recommend “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the alternative genre and Lana Del Rey, so another amazing song is, of course, her new single with DJ Cedric Gervais, “Summertime Sadness.”
Honestly, it’s all a matter of perspective when it comes to music. Every person has his or her likes and dislikes. It’s hard to be unbiased when it comes to musical tastes, but we need to learn to respect each others favorite songs, even when they’re different from the ones we love. In today’s day and age, the most popular musical styles are pop, rap, and alternative (as is reflected in the Top 10). If you’re a fan of these music genres, then the Top 10 is for you. Whatever your music taste, dance it out and Tiger Up!

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