May 22, 2024

Chances are, if you aren’t living under a rock, you saw the film crew all over campus; Wittenberg University was in the midst of filming its first commercial to be aired in the northwestern Columbus area.
The filming took place for two days, and during some great weather, according to Karen Gerboth, executive director of communications for the university. She was the one on campus in charge of this commercial, although another member of the university board first got the idea that Witt needed a new way of advertising.
With the board members’ expertise, Wittenberg put together a team of experts and started filming in many iconic Wittenberg locations. They filmed Frisbee golf in front of Myers, the beauty of an afternoon of studying in the Hollow, and the lunch tables outside of the Student Center. This commercial is sure to showcase the best of Wittenberg.
Many students were confused as to how the students showcased in the commercial were picked. Gerboth said many students were asked to appear because they were very involved on campus, but many students volunteered when they saw the filming. The students of Wittenberg are what inspired this commercial. The crew wanted to “show the active engaged learning experience offered here,” said Gerboth. The whole Office of Communications is very “excited for the final result.”
Kim Lykens, class of 2014, played a role in the commercial. She was filmed talking with another “student” outside the Student Center. “He came with the set,” she laughed. She says she had a positive experience with the commercial, though she felt a little silly when they made her ride her bike back and forth for twenty minutes on Alumni Way so they could catch her in the back of a shot. Many students were involved in the process, and even those who weren’t are very excited to see the commercial when it airs. It should be up on the website as well as airing in the greater Columbus area. So tune in your televisions around mid-October and you just might catch Wittenberg’s first commercial.

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