May 29, 2024
During the past few weeks of school, there have been many rumors going around campus about the return of WUSO. Some of the talks have entailed, “WUSO coming back on air in the spring of 2014.” This past week the General Manger of WUSO, Andrew Jajack said that WUSO is going to unveil their new studio during homecoming weekend, Oct. 11-13, as well as return to live broadcasting on 89.1 FM.
On Sunday, April 8, 2012, WUSO’s radio station was severely damaged by a water main break that flooded the basement of Firestine Hall. After the water from the flood was cleaned up, WUSO staff was able to examine all the damage that had occurred. They discovered that in order for WUSO to go back on air they would need all new audio equipment, as well as a new studio, among other items. While many thought WUSO would never rebirth and recover from the flood WUSO staffers were optimistic and hopeful that they would. But they had another challenge on their hands. The challenge was not only whether the University’s flood reimbursement insurance would come through, but also where would WUSO move their station to. “After some intense discussions and thoughts we decide to stay in our old location and renovate it completely,” said Andrew Jajack. A WUSO renovation committee was formed who worked with physical plant, the WUSO engineer, and university officials to get every detail in the renovation correct.
The renovation of the station is expected to be completed by homecoming weekend. In the meantime, WUSO is currently broadcasting a curated loop of new music. In the coming weeks WUSO is going to begin disc jockey (DJ) training with their new team of DJs, on the all-new audio equipment.
When talking with students around campus about their anticipation of WUSO returning some responded with, “What is WUSO?”
Older students knew WUSO and remembered it fondly.
One thing is for certain when WUSO is back up in full operational function in the coming weeks there is much marketing and public relations to do. Until then, we can all relax knowing that we will be listening to some of the best music around the world right here at Wittenberg University.
The last thing Jajack stated was, “When we begin broadcasting homecoming weekend and unveil our new station there’s going to be a huge celebration.”


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