May 22, 2024

The leaves are changing colors, the weather is becoming cooler, and nostalgia is in the air.  The decade of current college students’ youth, the 90’s, is coming back in a big way especially in regards to TV shows, music, and fashion.
Believe it or not, 1990 was twenty-three years ago.  The world first met Cory and Topanga twenty years ago.  “Full House” stopped filming eighteen years ago.  Tamagotchi’s made their mark on the toy industry seventeen years ago.   The Backstreet Boys released “Millennium” in 1999, fourteen years ago.   Because industries in general are cyclical, particularly fashion and entertainment, there is no surprise that the 90’s would be coming back.  For current college students, the 90’s is representative of their childhood so the intensity of this era trend is nostalgic for them.
“Boy Meets World” is being revamped for the younger generation in the form of “Girl Meets World,” which will air in 2014 starring Cory and Topanga’s daughter.  This spinoff show may have Generation Y more excited than the intended younger audience, who know little to nothing about the hysterically magnificent Mr. Feeny or how Eric Matthews became “Runs With Squirrels.”
This 90’s fashion explosion is not exceptionally unforeseen.  Every few months, Urban Outfitters recycles a heinous trend from the 90’s (hello cropped flannel shirts with denim overalls) and pushes it on naïve, hipster-wannabees.  All of a sudden, clusters of fashionably-confused youngsters start running around in platform combat boots and choker necklaces.  Now, however, fashion royalty are also bowing down to some of the edgy styles that were popular in the 90’s.  Carven, in particular, featured the hideous plastic choker tattoo necklaces at Paris Fashion week this year.
N*Sync, The Backstreet Boys, and New Kids on the Block have all made reunions as of late that are infatuating the entertainment media and, obviously, their fans.  The VMAs brought Justin, Lance, Joey, JC and that other guy together once again.  Now with other boy bands like One Direction causing maddening hysteria among twelve-year-old females internationally, comparisons are drawn to their predecessors.  Who will be the JT of One Direction?  Harry.
Does it seem possible that all the things that this generation loved about their childhood, they now get to continue enjoying as adults?  Whenever Buzzfeed releases a list of the “44 Photos That Will Transport You Back To The 90’s” or “The 32 Best Things About Being a Kid In The 90’s,” your newsfeed will be cluttered with your friends sharing those links.   There’s something about the 90’s that is so heartwarming and endearing to this generation. I can’t explain it, but maybe Clarissa can.  She explains it all.

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