May 29, 2024

This year’s military themed Greek Week was not only about bringing together the Greek community, but also about showcasing the strength of Wittenberg’s Greek community, according to D.J. Inman, Interfraternity Council Director of Programming.
Wittenberg’s six fraternities and five sororities were paired up for the entire week and the teams participated in various activities and competitions throughout the week.
“The competitions during the week are all about trying to build bonds, not about trying to drive people apart,” said Inman.
Greek Week activities included kickball, the dance marathon, the community service walk for Alzheimer’s, penny wars, the relay race, the philanthropy fair, the backyard barbeque at the Gamma Phi Beta house, and lip sync.
Although only Greek students participate in competitions such as kickball and lip sync, Inman stressed that all of the Greek week events are open to all students.
“Lip sync is usually the most popular of the Greek week events, for both Greeks and non-Greeks,” said Inman.
Greeks and non-Greeks alike attended the Lip Sync event for free at 7:30 p.m. in the Hper Center Arena on Saturday Oct. 5. Each sorority and fraternity pair danced and lip synced to a five to eight minute montage of songs, related to Greek week’s theme.
This year’s lip sync winner was the joint team of Gamma Phi Beta and Beta Theta Pi.
“I thought it was a fun event that gave an insight to Greek life. It also showed how united all of the fraternities and sororities are on Witt’s campus,” said Stephanie Glass, first-year Wittenberg student.
Each fraternity and sorority also had an active senior member entered in the Greek god and goddess competition at the lip sync event on Saturday night, in which each individual showcased a specific talent.
Julia Devine of Gamma Phi Beta won the goddess title, rapping and singing about Wittenberg’s Greek community. Tyler Palmer of Delta Tau Delta won the Greek god title with his rendition of “Piano Man” on the violin.
The overall winner of Greek week was the joint team of Alpha Delta Pi and Delta Tau Delta.
All proceeds from Greek week’s events, such as the penny war competition and the philanthropy fair, go to Dayton Children’s Hospital.
Greek Week Committee had to vote on Dayton’s Children’s Hospital as the overall philanthropy, as well as the Alzheimer’s walk for the community service activity.
“We decided to keep the community service activity close to home because of its popularity on campus as well as within the surrounding community,” said Inman.
The committee, made up of active members of Wittenberg’s fraternities and sororities, began planning Greek Week in April.
As part of the planning, the committee paired up each fraternity and sorority (the pairing works on a five year rotation), chose a theme, and then planned each event.
Overall, Greek week events raised over $1,000 for the Dayton’s Children’s Hospital.

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