May 29, 2024
This week, closet spotlight found two Wittenberg Students who are dedicated to an earthy wardrobe. Believe it or not, it is possible to have an edgy and earthy look while still looking put-together. Luckily, freshman Sydney Richards was willing to teach us how!
Q. What are three words that describe your style?
A. Hippie, indie, or boho.
Q. What is your favorite season to dress for?
A. Summer is my favorite season to dress for. I love being outside, and nature gives me a lot of style inspiration. I love flowy tops and earthy colors. If I can see myself frolicking through the woods wearing it, I will most likely put it on.
Q. What is your favorite accessory or piece of clothing that you own?
A. I don’t know what i’d do without my denim button up shirt! I wear it all the time. I think the sort of loose and masculine fit creates a nice contrast when I pair it with a girly dress. I can pair it with pretty much anything (like a dress or cool printed pants) and it gives the outfit a little more of a relaxed feel.
Q.If you could give others advice on how to dress, what would you say?
A. Wear clothes that you feel good in! Express yourself and be confident. Others will feed off of your positive energy when you’re happy about your style. Do you!
Q. Anything else you would like to say about your style?
A. I will be wearing acid wash jeans until I die.
Freshman Max Joseph’s wardrobe is inspired by indie rock musicians. After years of wearing a uniform at a Catholic High school, Joseph began to mirror the way his favorite musicians dressed. Along with some personal touches (and a lack of shaving) he has now created his own look.

Q. How would you explain your style?

A. I think I would explain my style as a somewhat modest. It is old fashion meets new age, with a little bit of edge. I always like to look presentable for really any occasion. I have just become accustomed to feeling comfortable in khakis and a button up or a sweater. I used to have the “bro flow” while I was in high school. I would admit seeing all these flows on campus has made me consider bringing my sweet flow back, but my mother won’t allow me.
Q. Who inspires you when it comes to fashion?
A. Musicians or bands inspire me when it comes to clothing, but over time my fashion idols have evolved. As I began to listen to more “indie rock,” I started to get more modern-day wardrobe inspiration.  I guess I gather clothing elements from each band. Vampire Weekend’s sweater and cardigan look. Fleet Foxes’ flannel & beard look. The rest is just personal style that I have grown to like.
Q. What is your favorite season to dress for?
A. It’s fall, without a doubt. I look forward to putting on a warm flannel shirt or sweater. Fall vibes hard.
Q. What is your favorite accessory or piece of clothing that you own?
A. I think my favorite accessory has to be the cardigan. To me, it is the most comfortable thing I own. Some are light in weight and make for a nice warmth supplier while walking to class. My infatuation with cardigans didn’t really start until my junior year of high school; since then I haven’t looked back.
Q. If you could give others advice on how to dress, what would you say?
A. I know it might be cliche, but just be yourself. You do you type of thing. Wear whatever you find comfortable and something that represents you in the best way. There are so many different styles, and clothes make life alot easier, literally. Without them we would be walking around awkwardly naked. So don’t be awkward! Wear clothes that express you and feel natural; it really doesn’t matter what you wear or how you wear it, it’s the confidence that you have while wearing it.

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