June 18, 2024

This year, the Sigma Kappas and Phi Kappa Psis (also know as the Phi Psis) will once again team up for their annual haunted house. On Oct. 23, the Sigma Kappa house on North Fountain Ave will be transformed into a spooky abode to prepare Wittenberg for the coming holiday. Attendees will be treated with a light dinner and an evening of Halloween entertainment.
This year, the haunted house will take on a new twist. The entire house will be centered on a Night of Living Dead theme to compliment the zombie apocalypse theme that is circulating in popular culture today. The planners will draw from elements of “The Walking Dead” and “World War Z” to build the rooms for the house and create characters for the actors. The people participating in the event will set up, decorate the house, and make up their costumes to this theme.
“We’ve never given the house a theme before we usually just had the groups of each room choose their theme themselves,” said Rob Rogers, Phi Kappa Psi’s Philanthropy Chairman. “We hope this will create a more realistic and scary Haunted House experience for our visitors.”
In addition, the Sigma Kappas and Phi Psis will be adding a dinner element to the experience. Sliders, wings, chips, and dessert will be provided to the guests to add an extra feature to this event. McKenzie Hopkins, Vice President Philanthropy for Sigma Kappa, stated that when food was provided last year, attendees seemed to enjoy the bonus.
In the past, the haunted house has had many memorable features such as a mental asylum room. The Sigma Kappas and Phi Psis have been cooperating on this philanthropy event for over five years. Council members from both organizations agree that this event is a great example of how the Greek community on campus is working together.
“Sigma Kappa loves working with the Phi Psis,” said Hopkins. “They are hard working men who care about philanthropy and helping others. With this event, we want people to take a break from studying and enjoy some great food while getting a haunted house.”
The two organizations have been working since the beginning of September to plan the haunted house. Council members have pointed out that the cooperation of both chapters helps with planning the event because they can each reach different people on campus and combine their ideas to make the best product.
“I am so excited for the haunted house,” said Madeline Geiger, a member of Sigma Kappa, who will be participating in the haunted house. “I hope it goes well because we are all working very hard to get it planned and into action.”
The haunted house will be from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Oct. 23 at the Sigma Kappa house on North Fountain Ave. Tickets will be $5 and can be purchased from any member of Sigma Kappa or Phi Kappa Psi. Proceeds will go to the Sigma Kappa Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club of America in Dayton.

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