May 29, 2024

During my search for a style-standout individual on Wittenberg’s campus this week, I realized there are endless ways to broadcast an image through your wardrobe. Every risk you take when you decide on an outfit will directly affect the opinions of everyone around you. That being said, I believe taking risks is a wonderful form of expression. However, where can we draw the line between a playful and professional appearance? To find a valid opinion on the combination of both types of styles, I reached out to none other than Stefne Broz.
Broz and I had a very eye-opening conversation about what it takes to combine the best of both worlds. She believes that you can dress to impress while still showing your personality through everything that you wear. Who says we can’t have our cake and eat it too?
I asked Broz to recall the first time she truly thought about dressing well.  She told me she was on a speech and debate team in high school, and she knew that the way she presented herself through her clothing could either help or hurt her in each and every debate. Her professional appearance would provide her with the confidence needed to feel good about herself, therefore building a poise and educated woman who was a force to reckon with.
“I could be going up against teams who were notorious for being very hard to beat, but it didn’t matter. The better I looked, the better I felt. For me, this was key to being taken seriously.”
Broz’s fashion sense stuck with her throughout her college years and is now presented daily as both an Associate Professor and Chair in the communication department here at Wittenberg. Everyday, Broz plays with different fabrics, colors, and shoes that overall help her achieve an appropriate look while still showing her personality. How does she do it?
“I think it is good to play with vibrant colors and textures. I am drawn to bright reds and royal blues, and I own multiple pieces of clothing with sequins. Dressing well is all about creating a balance between who you are the message you are trying to portray to others.”
After Broz explained her love for the exciting aspects of clothing, I asked her about comfort. In my opinion, staying comfortable is one of the biggest excuses both students and adults use to avoid dressing professionally in any given situation. This especially includes women wearing heels on a daily basis, which Broz confessed she loves to do.
“Comfort is not about what it is that you are trying on, it is all about fit. You can try on the most expensive shoe or blazer that you can find in the store, but if it doesn’t fit you properly the price doesn’t matter. You can find something that both fits you and is in your budget, and those are the pieces that are worth the investing in.”
Overall, Broz had some excellent advice on finding a style that’s right for you. Her secrets? The perfect fit, playing with color, and a kick ass shoe. She made me realize that the more you invest in yourself, the more others will be willing to invest in you.

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