April 13, 2024

“Do I really have to wear a suit? How high is too high for a work appropriate heel? What about dressing for the weather?” Living in-between the teenage years and true adult hood, these are common questions that a college student will run into. However, college is the perfect time to experiment and expand your horizons, both in your job search and your wardrobe.  But when will a college student be confronted with the challenge of dressing in a professional setting? That’s where CABLE comes in.
Communication And Business Leadership Experience, better known as CABLE, is a program at Wittenberg that is designed to help students enter the working world. In other words, it is a program that’s designed to help bridge the gap between college life and the real world. Luckily for you, a few CABLE representatives were willing to share their go-to pieces of their newly found professional wardrobes.
“CABLE has helped me feel more prepared for the future,” said Nicolette Lyons, senior. Here, Lyons is wearing the textbook example of what can be called a “first impression” outfit. First impressions can make or break an interview, and appropriate clothing is the key to nailing it.
“I would have never worn crop-cut pants before CABLE, but now my style has adapted and I can make pieces like this work as in an outfit.” This outfit would work for any formal interview, and the pant allows a little more height in the heel.
“I think that CABLE makes you step outside of your comfort zone and dress in ways that are mature and professional. I didn’t start off buying new clothes for CABLE, but as I learned what was appropriate, my style evolved as well.”  Senior Chloe Tippman’s outfit is a perfect example of how you can never go wrong with all black. With a dress or a skirt, the height of her heel meets the happy medium between five-inches and the kitten-heel. If you want to add some personality to an all-black look, add some color with accessories! This look is a suitable look for an employee who recently got a job and is still feeling out the environment of the office.
“First impressions are important, and what you’re wearing is the first thing an employer sees,” says Francine Murzynski, senior.  Murzynski’s ensemble is the most casual of the three looks, but this doesn’t mean it is unprofessional. Her outfit is an example of what is acceptable to wear once you are confortable in the office. When you first get hired, you are still observing your coworkers and you are still adapting to the work environment. This outfit is a great example of something mobile, appropriate, and business casual.

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